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After Lucas recovers from a tragic accident, he quickly learns that his prescribed pain medication has become more than an assisted healer. This becomes the start of a journey that leads he and his family down paths that they were not prepared for, by neither the doctors nor the physicians that assigned him to the drug. Without any warning, Lucas and his family have been thrust directly into an all too familiar battle with narcotics.

“In the Name of Me and You”,  we witness the narcotic effect becoming a multi - layered plague, which affects the addict, just as much as those who have never touched a drug. 

Prescription Drugs

In the united states

the growing opioid crisis has joined the ranks as one of the main contributors in the destruction of families, and given way to record numbers of unnecessary fatalities.  

“In the Name of Me and You”, addresses the matter with a direct aim at the misunderstandings of the crisis, asserts its story telling as an example of how communities must join together to defeat the illness, and shows how we must protect each other from the fallacy of the drug, as this issue effects every one of us.

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